Five Element Acupuncture is absolutely amazing...

It reaches the ROOT of the patient, helping achieve balance in all aspects of life to ensure a patient is thriving and not just surviving. Five Element Acupuncture is not interested in band aids, it's interested in who a person is at their deepest core and helping him/her/them reach that depth and SHINE.

Kristin loves to see people shine.

So who should come get Five Element Acupuncture? You. Especially you if you're having emotional pain. And you if you're having physical pain so we can untangle it from the emotional pain. If you're feeling absolutely great should you still come? Yes. We can work on the deepest levels and help catapult you to the moon. Are you ready to dance among the stars? Schedule today.

We have all 5 Elements within us, though one predominately shines fourth for us. The goal in acupuncture is to help you connect to that element's strengths so you can shine in the way only you can. What are these elements, you ask?

WOOD: The element of justice and speaking truths, a seedling bursting fourth with energy to rise to the sun.

FIRE: The element of joy and connection, the boisterous laughter and sparkle in a person's eyes.

EARTH: The element of centeredness and groundedness, the nurturing aspect of a mother's love.

METAL: The element of peace and inspiration, the ability to let the goodness in and release what doesn't serve us.

WATER: The element of depth and stillness, the ability to find a sense of quietness and connect to our deepest reserves and potential.