Kristin, THANK YOU again for your spiritual and heart guidance and positive push. It’s taken me awhile to work through so many of these things, but I really have healed a tremendous amount... my heart, my mind, and thus my spirit. You’ve been so instrumental in that transformation, I still feel your presence in my continuing revelations. I wish I could give back to you what I’ve received in some way. You are a beautiful and powerful soul, you’ve inspired me toward living with full health.. and maintaining my spiritual flame. Thanks again for being there for me...YOU ROCK KRISTIN!!!”
— EL

Thank you thank you! I don’t remember the last time I felt like this, my calves are jumpy still but the over all feeling is of total relaxation. My neck is better, my legs are not as tight. I so afraid to type this to you because I don’t want my pains to come back. I know it’s only the beginning, but Kristin you have given me a light at the end of the road. I was very close to start numbing my pain with prescription medicine. When I went home I went right to sleep and woke up and felt refreshed. First time in a long time I didn’t have to go crawl out of bed and fight the pain my body has been in. It has been a tough road Kristin, you helped me so much and I now miss you calming affect you have on people in the time of distress. I’m hooked. You have absolutely given me hope to be able to enjoy life again. Thank you so so much!”
— MD

For the first time in weeks my heart and body felt lighter and my anxiety/excitement was finally a calm excitement. I officially LOVE acupuncture! You have a happy new client!!!!!!”
— HZ

I first began to explore acupuncture because I felt I was in a healing crisis. I felt disconnected from my body, disconnected from my truth. I had a pain in my knee for about 10 years. I think it must have been a result of my years of gymnastics I did as a teenager. I also received frequent migraines. I also was a horrible decision maker. I had a difficult time opening up my heart and trusting people in my relationships. Since attending acupuncture regularly I report very little if any pain in my knee; I have been able to open my heart and am now engaged! Yes, engaged to marry an amazing man that I started dating after I started acupuncture. I am getting more sleep at night and feeling much more clarity and certainty about my decision making processes. I am grounded in my body and feel that my soul and body have reunited.”
— AR

Kristin has an uncanny ability to tap into people’s energy fields even when not present in the same can feel the heat and energy exchange and it is intense and truly offers relief! I went to bed feeling very stressed and woke up the next day energized and like a weight had been lifted
— CR

Kristin is the best kind of instructor. She is committed to her practice personally and the knowledge, skills and enthusiasm she brings show clearly. I have been a part of Kristin’s classes for three years and have learned more than I thought possible about mind and body connection and the energy flow that is ever present in the body. I recommend her classes to people of all ages
— WF

I didn’t know true relaxation until I took Kristin’s classes. Her gentle spirit and peaceful guidance take her classes to another level. I have horrible issues with test anxiety attending her meditation class helped me become centered, focused, and clear minded. Kristin empowered me with one of the most important tools someone can be equipped with- she taught me how to relax and just be.
— SV