Rocks rock! Here's why...

Have you been having disharmony in your home or office? Contact Kristin to schedule a personalized Feng Shui consultation. Kristin will come to assess your space and will discuss your concerns and desires. She will determine a plan and contact you to arrange purchase of crystals needed to balance your space and arrange a time to install them. You can reach her at 541/517-2976 or

If it is your body that feels out of balance then you're in luck, Kristin uses Chinese Stone Medicine in her acupuncture practice at Red Lotus Acupuncture. Text 541/517-2976 or email to schedule an appointment today.

If you are seeking stones for your own personal use and enjoyment, you can shop the variety of gorgeous stones through Kristin's rock shop Wise Owl Minerals. You can shop online by following the link above or you can schedule a personalized shopping appointment by texting Kristin at 541/517-2976 or emailing

You can contact Kristin for special orders of stones or custom gem elixir blends as well.