Who is Kristin Althea O'Connor, M.Ac., L.Ac.?

Kristin Althea O'Connor, M.Ac., L.Ac. is a rockstar, but not the kind that wears skintight leather and hairspray, the kind that has a penchant for glitter and has a heart brimming full of compassion. (And to save you the suspense, you're a rockstar, too.) She is a vibrant soul, a lover of laughter. One of her favorite things in the history of all time ever is to provide a safe healing space for patients and to assist on the journey towards helping each find her/his/their truest self. She loves seeing people succeed and cheering them on all the way. She's kind of a health cheerleader, this one.

Kristin spent her life helping people feel their best and in 2007 she found her best vehicle for this by enrolling at the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture in Gainesville, FL. She chose this school for two big reasons: 1. Five Element Acupuncture gets to the root of dis-ease, and she wanted her patients to find deep lasting healing. 2. This school flies in instructors from all over the world to share insight on their own thriving practices, so Kristin could learn from the best. That was a bonus, too.

During the time Kristin started school, she also was trained in Medical Qigong and obtained her 250 hour Yoga teaching certification. Kristin was fortunate to learn Qigong first from Paul Fraser, L.Ac., who had learned the practice 20 years earlier to put his aggressive cancer diagnosis to a halt. She continued on, learning from Paul's teacher Tom Tam of Boston, and then from Master Ou. The form she learned from Master Ou, Pan Gu Shen Gong, is a form focused on increasing the benevolence of the practitioner. It's Kristin's favorite form and the one she practices almost exclusively. In 2008 Kristin was certified to teach the Moving Form from Master Ou and, after years of dedication, she was granted access to teach the Nonmoving Form in 2016. Kristin loves teaching this form to patients as a means for them to work on building up their own health. When it comes to yoga, Kristin focuses on empowerment and connection to the body. She added another 50 hours of training to her practice in 2012 and continues to enjoy sharing yoga with others.

When Kristin started her acupuncture practice in 2011, she was fortunate to connect to Elizabeth Gibbs who introduced her to doTerra Essential Oils. www.my.doterra.com/kristinaltheaoconnor Kristin immediately felt their power and began using them in the treatment room. She loves the effectiveness and way patients respond to them and also loves sharing these with her patients.

A final addition to Kristin's practice was crystals. Her more extensive studies began with Seann Xenja, an amazing Feng Shui practitioner out of Sausalito,CA www.seannxenja.com. He helped Kristin uncover the ways to heal a space through the use of crystals, and thus she could see how the surroundings greatly impacted those living in that space. Such beauty to share a Feng Shui appointment with a new client and to see how a space can help transform the body! Kristin so much appreciated the power of minerals and chose to expand her crystal healing to bodies themselves by studying with Sarah Thomas, an amazing acupuncturist in Asheville, NC www.claritystonemedicine.com. Here she deepened her understanding of stones and learned how the Chinese used these stones over the years to heal. Kristin has brought this experience to her treatments as well, combining needles and rocks and oils is part of the norm. If you haven't experienced Chinese Stone Medicine before, prepare to have your world "rocked."

And such is the practice of Kristin Althea O'Connor. Other fun facts? Kristin's undergrad degree was in Journalism. She hails from Massachusetts and is a "wicked" Patriots fan. She has also lived in Florida, North Carolina, California, and Australia before settling down in Eugene, OR. She's a lover of plants and of being outdoors as much as possible and she loves puns. She enjoys live music and farmers markets and travel and tiny houses and has a huge space in her heart for her sweet dog Trooper and amazing bearded husband Dano.

Last thing? She can't wait to meet you and work with you.