The way to make things change is to never, ever, ever give up.

We know this, yet it's hard. It's hard to imagine things shifting because we are used to our reality. Just like snow packed down by a tire, a path is born and frozen snow calls for us to stay down that track over and over and over again. And we will until the snow melts...

So we need to persist on during the tough times. We need to find the tiny glimmer of hope, we need to hold the course and then sail. If we can pull at the crack the light will shine through.

I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and the phrase WHAT IF? feels like the lifejacket we all need. If we can grab ahold of WHAT IF? we leave room for change. Even if it's a small amount of room, it's still room.

I used to have a sign above my bed that read: "One small positive thought can change your whole day" and it's so true. I had an awful day once and that next morning I saw that sign and the best thought I could muster was: "Well, today can't be as bad as yesterday." I knew it was a limp attempt at optimism, but amazingly enough, it worked. So well.

When you are struggling, recall this post. Can you push all the negative aside to hold a tiny space for the possibility that shift can happen?

That's where the beauty happens.

Kristin O'Connor